The Legend of Dark Horse After Hours

Filmed artistically and streamed live to YouTube, Dark Horse After Hours captures unique performances and behind-the-music storytelling and presents it all in a digestible format. Enjoy all the intimate details of Music and Culture at your own pace, on your own schedule!

After Hours is a culmination of special energy. This isn't your grandpa's live concert DVD. Our focus is on artists with a strong live presence and great backstories. Like Austin City Limits had a baby with MTV Unplugged and said child got their hands on a vial full of LSD. The way we enjoy content today is completely different from even ten years ago. We have more access to our favorite artists and their beautiful stories than we ever had before, and we wanted to share this experience with the world in a way that has never been done like this before.

The legend begins quite organically, from the time Dark Horse opened shop. Drew, The owner of Dark Horse Truckee, Todd Wees, and Morgan Hargrave started to have after hours music sessions. The shop was always had a great music vibe, and a lot of impromptu stuff occurred as a result. Eventually, Drew and Evan (Buzzell, of SBS Media House) started a conversation about making music a staple in the Dark Horse. The dream of having big acts show up, hang out, jam for a bit, and just have this really organic, intimate feel had begun.

"Looking at the size restraints, I had the idea of filming bands live and using the footage to leverage a wider audience. Filming it live seemed like the best option because we could create it, have a large audience join the fun, and we weren't left with all this footage to edit after the show every week. The kicker was that we wanted it to be very creative and interactive; the stagnant tripod angles and typical “live” venue shows bore the snot out of me. This needed to feel like a music video, it needed to bring you into the venue, stick you right in the action, and let you feel the performance like you’re standing right next to your favorite artist." Said Evan Buzzell, one of the founders of Dark Horse After Hours.

The goal of our web series is to be capturing worldwide acts and sharing these beautiful performances with people all over the world. There’s a great thirst for intimate, personalized connections with the artists we love today, and we want to share these moments with people all over the world in a digestible way that hasn’t been executed to this level before. We see doing a Summer and Winter season for many, many years to come.

Join us and become part of the legend that is Dark Horse After Hours.