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Sneaky Creatures and the Black Steed Space Fairers

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 The King of Light Roast and myself got to thriftin’. The weirder and more out of place an object seemed, the better prop it was going to be for our show. We also grabbed a ton of random costume materials, and we were pretty stoked at how guests put the box of randomness to use. This one dude put the hula skirt on his head! And I have no idea where he got that massive umbrella…

Sneaky Creatures Horn Section

 The last piece of our puzzle were the wonderful ladies over at Tahoe Flow Arts. We honestly didn’t know if they were going to be able to make it or not until the day of the show, but I’m so amped they did. They’ve worked closely with Sneaky Creatures before, and had a dialed routine for the songs we chose to perform. They really made the show and I’m so grateful they took an evening out of their schedules to come join us!

Sneaky Creatures Tahoe Flow Arts Girls Music Video

 I had been doing a bit of film study on revealing characters and building suspense, and I wanted to put what I was learning in to practice. I wanted to have the creatures awaken to the music, and after the initial curiosity of their new mortal form wears away, they begin to look for who awoke them, and what it is that is causing them to dance. I wanted to follow the creatures through the front door on their search for the illustrious orchestrators, keeping it all one cohesive take. This means we were handing the camera off through the window, an effect I’ve been wanting to put in to practice A LONG TIME.

Sneaky Creatures Music Video Intro Still Image

 We nailed it. The awakening, the gathering by the door, the perfectly timed handoff as the door opened, all in front of a live audience, and without countless rehearsals.

Sneaky Creatures bassist Kerry Piano Horns

 We envision every After Hours being a raw experience, where your watch your favorite acts, live, in a scene set for a music video. Where anything can happen, because there are no rules, no strict guidelines. Sneaky Creatures @ Dark Horse After Hours is a perfect example of this.

Sneaky Creatures Music Video Actor Scott Shots Thompson

Endless creativity. Endless possibilities. And we’re just gettin’ started.


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