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Sneaky Creatures and the Black Steed Space Fairers

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Sneaky Creatures have such a cool, vaudeville-esque sound, and we wanted to capture a performance that was true to their style. Something different. Something fun, with a dash of sinister weirdness and psychedelic funk. We knew we needed the sneakiest of creatures to pull this off, and we didn’t truly have more than a week to work out all the details.

Sneaky Creatures frontman belts in to the megaphone

A week: the perfect amount of time in Truckee. Spontaneous enough to make it in the schedule, but not too close that you can’t find a babysitter.

 We started our search by posting up flyers at Dark Horse, asking people to join us if they had an odd talent, or a general interest in being weird with us for an evening. Luckily, between ourselves, our friends, and our town, there’s no shortage of weirdo’s runnin’ ‘round these parts. The creatures were starting to assemble, but we needed set the scene in order to make this thing come together like Voltron.

Sneaky Creatures Music Video Still Image

 Drew and I had no problems finding ways to make the Dark Horse a carn-evil nightmare, for we live in close proximity to the biggest little city in the world.

Sneaky Creatures Music Video characters

Reno: A concrete jungle of remorse and sorrow. Also See: Mini Vegas

 Not really, we just say that because we like to act that we don’t rely on Reno for every luxury of modern society. Have you tried to live without Trader Joe’s after you’ve been awakened? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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