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Sneaky Creatures and the Black Steed Space Fairers

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 “Truckee … Dog Country; A destination not for the faint of soul. One must always know where their towel is when Sneaky Creatures run amuck; for on this evening, a celestial meeting beneath the house of the Black Steed was under way. Creatures gathered from the farthest reaches of the Laniakea Supercluster to participate in a performance, whose vibes were felt clear past the Extragalactic Symphonic Houses of Andromeda. Celebrated and broadcast to more than 100,000 galaxies throughout our multiverse, Earth’s own Sneaky Creatures rocked the Cosmos with their live performance of ‘Dirt Circus’, the title track off their latest album. Due to the broadcast constraints of 26-Dimensional Fractal-HD, and Sneaky Creatures’ uncanny ability to throw a great party, the band stuck around to record a second hit, ‘Ragamuffin’. It was said that Intergalactic President Rodrigo Darlithian was in attendance, under the cover of a lei, as to not stun the earthlings with his first ever visit to the system. It is unknown whether the Intergalactic President participated in the actual performance, and what ramifications this may have on Extragalactic Relations. “ – Front page excerpt from The Relative Times, Sep 3, 2016

 What a show, eh!? The energy, the people, the setting, it was incredible! Everything we were looking for in our third installment, we found with our friends, Sneaky Creatures. We all had way too much fun producing this piece, and I can’t thank everyone enough for helping my vision come to life!

Sneaky Creatures Piano and Horn Section Live at Dark Horse After Hours

 The idea for the filming of the Sneaky Creatures Dark Horse After Hours performance came when I was thumbing through the channels one evening with the homies. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was on, and it’s always worth a click to see what scene of absolute chaos you land on. This time, we just so happened to land on the Ether-Induced entropy that is Mr. Thompson’s Circus Circus escapade. While the characters stumble through this vaudeville nightmare, the camera follows as if it were a fly in the room, going dutch (aka rolling sideways) to introduce this unease to the viewer. We were in the concept development for the Sneaky Creatures After Hours at the time and I had to text the team immediately. Coincidentally, Todd was reading the Fear and Loathing graphic novel at the time, and we immediately knew we were on the right track.

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