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Forget The Roses - History + Opportunity = Inspired Performance

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A.D.D. was one of the first songs I wrote for FTR. It is a fitting song choice considering the way it has developed dynamically over the years. We all agreed that it was the perfect song for the occasion and venue.

Morgan pulled out some last minute heroics and created a subtle, but very atmospheric/thundering, fuzzy loop that was used the entire length of the song, along with some sporadic oscillating echoes. He even went as far as hand selecting a compression pedal that made my guitar warm and sparkly, and tightened up the rhythm. These very cool moves help deliver a much improved dynamic for this recorded version of A.D.D.

It's also worth mentioning that Cody and Morgan really made a conscious effort to make sure the mix was the best it could be for this live session, affording us the ability to get such a clean recording with only one channel to record with. It was what we had at the time, and we made the best of it.

“We made the best of it”.... Seems to be the theme of this first live session. Everybody stepped up and brought their Best Effort. And the performance and final product shines, regardless of the obstacles we may have faced.

Todd Wees

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